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welcome to my personal webpage. here, you are going to get detailed information about my interests, my skills and me.

one of my favorite interests is all about computers and internet. my first computer was a “Schneider PC Amstrad XT 512K” and a “Commodore 128D”. this was in 1991. both computers were without harddisk and only with 5 1/4" floppydisk. my first programming experience was qbasic on ms-dos 3.2™. in 1992, i started programming in borland turbo pascal™. in this time, i got excellent skills in hardware and operating systems like ms-dos and os/2.

my first step to the internet was in 1993 with the fido - net and datex-j. in the beginning with a 14.4K modem, this, compared to the speed today, was very slow. in 1994, i got my first internet access, and started to surf with low speed, too.

now, my interest in computer is about web - programming, databases, linux, open source etc., but you can read more about my it - skills here.

my football team

another interest of me is football, playing football as well as viewing. in my spare time, i play football in a hobby team. On the right side you can see a team photo. it is not the best, but to be sure, one of the funniest football teams in the world. my favorite football team in the german bundesliga is the fc bayern münchen. after that comes the german national football team.

for some other facts about me, read here

have a lot of fun while looking around on my site.

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